About MollisAqua

MollisAqua is a small family run company based in Dunmow, Essex, providing excellent value for money, good quality water softeners since 2012. 


Our water softeners come with a minimum of 2 years guarantee for peace of mind. At a small fee, we also offer an annual service check for our softeners which we highly recommend for the best performance and the efficiency of your equipment. 


Our background has always been in bathroom and kitchen installations and we have seen the effects of hard water on the domestic appliances and the surfaces first-hand many times. 



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Water Softener supplier. 

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Why MollisAqua

The cost of replacing a bathroom or a kitchen can be very costly and your water softener can keep your kitchen and bathroom last much longer. This is even more important for the appliances for everyday use as we have heard so many times our customers replacing their kettle as often as every three months due to hard water. This led us to start supplying water softeners for our clients as part of our service and eventually, it became an important part of our business as more on more people started noticing the effects of hard water and hence MollisAqua brand was born. We have created three different sizes as we tried to come up with affordable, reliable and high-quality water softeners that will be suitable for most UK households.  


Mollis Aqua Water Softeners designed and assambled in United Kingdom